Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

MEJC Members

Members of the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

This list contains our member organizations, individual members, and member academic institutions, with links to each organizations website, and a profile for each member listed (where applicable).  If you would like to join the Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition, please reach out to us on the Contact page of this website or on our Facebook page.

cropped-mejc_logo_color.pngMember Organizations

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice
       Guy Williams
       Kimberly Hill Knott

East Michigan Environmental Action Council
       Diana Copeland
       Will Copeland
       Siwatu Salama Ra

Ecology Center
       Kathryn Savoie

Green Door Initiative
       Donele Wilkins
       Payton Wilkins

Michigan Environmental Council
       Sandra Turner-Handy

       Kate Madigan

NAACP of Southeastern Michigan
       Simone Lightfoot

National Wildlife Federation
       Simone Lightfoot

Sierra Club Environmental Justice Program
       Rhonda Anderson

       Melissa Damaschke

Southwest Detroit Community Benefits Coalition
       Simone Sagovac

       Scott Brines

Urban Regeneration LLC
       Pamela Smith

Zero Waste Detroit
       Melanie Berkowitz

Rosedale Recycles
       Margaret Weber

We Want Green, Too!
       Gloria Lowe

Idle No More Michigan
       Angeline Antoine

Individual Members

       Vincent Martin, Human Synergy Works
       Michelle Martinez

Member Academic Institutions

University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment
       Paul Mohai
       Dorceta Taylor
       Todd Ziegler

       Samantha Shattuck

Sustainable Michigan Endowed Project
      Kyle Whyte

Michigan State University
       Kyle Whyte

Great Lakes Environmental Law Center
       Nick Schroeck
       Stephanie Karisny

University of Michigan Dearborn
       Natalie Sampson

Wayne State University
       Donnie Sackey




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