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Michigan EJ Plan

Michigan Environmental Justice Plan (2010) 

DNRE Issues Michigan Environmental Justice Plan

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment today issued the Environmental Justice Plan for the State of Michigan and Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The plan provides for the fair, non-discriminatory treatment of all people, and for meaningful public involvement in government decision-making regarding environmental laws, regulations and policies.

In 2007, Governor Jennifer M. Granholm issued an executive directive charging the DNRE with developing and implementing a state plan to promote environmental justice in Michigan. This Environmental Justice Plan is intended to satisfy the requirement of the executive directive, both by providing general guidance and recommendations for all state departments and by providing a specific plan for the DNRE. The Environmental Justice Plan was developed by an Environmental Justice Working Group composed of several state agencies, environmental justice advocacy groups, academia, tribal representatives, research professionals, and representatives of economic development and business organizations. This working group created a number of subgroups and conducted academic research and public focus group meetings. The working group also established a Resource Group comprised of interested members of the public to provide assistance in the development of the plan.

“This Michigan Environmental Justice Plan is the result of the significant contributions of the Environmental Justice Working Group and Resource Group members, who have invested much time and effort for over two years to bring this project to completion,” said DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries. “The Department appreciates the collaborative efforts of all of these individuals, and we will build on these important partnerships to facilitate more effective sharing of resources. Together, we will contribute to a broader vision for a state where residents enjoy equal benefits from our natural resources and environment, where businesses can prosper, and where we all want to live, work and play.”

The complete Environmental Justice Plan is available on-line at

The DNRE is committed to the conservation, protection, management, and accessible use
and enjoyment of the state’s environment, natural resources, and related economic
interests for current and future generations. For more information, go to

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