Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

2018 EJ Recommendations

2018 Environmental Justice Work Group

BREAKING: Environmental Justice Working Group Delivers 33 Recommendations to Snyder

The Environmental Justice Work Group (EJWG) was charged to develop and provide recommendations to the Governor that improve environmental justice awareness and engagement in state and local agencies. The EJWG will policy and recommend for implementation environmental justice guidance, training, curriculum, and policy that further increases quality of life for all Michiganders. The EJWG is composed of 23 members, representing environmental justice communities across the state, environmental organizations, businesses, state and local government bodies, academia, and federally recognized tribes.

Click here to view the Environmental Justice Work Group’s final report to the Governor.

Environmental Justice Plan for the State of Michigan

Currently the State of Michigan has launched their Environmental Justice Working Group. The EJWG is working to develop and provide recommendations to Governor Snyder that “improves environmental awareness and engagement in state and local agencies.” More information about the Governor’s Working Group, including how to make comments before their Oct 2017 deadline for comment, go here.

Past Efforts for Michigan’s Environmental Justice Planning

The Michigan Environmental Justice Plan draft was developed by the Environmental Justice Working Group and published for review on 12-16-2009. This was compiled at the behest of an executive order by the Governor of Michigan in 2007, and included stakeholders and members of academia. The EJ Working Group recommended many points that are echoed in all of these documents, including (1) Public Participation, (2) Integration into Department of Environmental Quality activities, (3) Disparate Impacts Assessment, (4) Interdepartmental Integration, (5) Petition Process, and (6) the Importance of the Role of Local Units of Government. Several of the current Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition members and member organizations were a part of the working group that prepared this plan.

2010 Environmental Justice Plan


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